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About us

DealerPX.com is a unique website offering genuine dealer part-exchanges direct to trade customers.

With no subscription or buying fees, you can buy a wide range of models, confident in the knowledge that all the necessary finance and mileage checks have been made and that a customer declaration has been obtained.

All cars are physical in our compound and you have the opportunity to carry out a full appraisal by viewing the detailed video and listening to the audio description.

Our standard description will highlight factors affecting value and provide a full summary of ownership and service history. Unlike other trade disposal sites, you have the option to talk to us before you bid and we are happy to provide specific, additional information on request.

Buying is straightforward and cars and full documentation can be collected immediately, on receipt of cleared funds. If you haven’t registered yet, it couldn’t be easier to gain access to a brand new source of quality dealer PX stock.